Posting Issues What? + Why?
Problem = Wish / Problem

"I wish this thing be like that..."

Rule 1:` You care about a problem so much that you'd like to solve it not just here for yourself, but everywhere and for everybody!

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Seek General Descriptions

Try to succintly describe the essence of concept or issue in general terms. For example, if you have a problem in cooking, like, slicing veggies takes too long, and like to think about machines or other methods to automate it, then describe the issue, such as "Cooking is time-consuming: How to cook healthy food with less time?" Elaborate in the main body about the estimates of total time that humanity spends for cooking, and how much time could potentially be freed, and other considerations. Add other considerations important to this issue, and you've got an issue that is a good match for Infinity. Our issues must be a bit like articles on like Wikipedia, but potential for high-impact, condensed and to the point.

When possible, please add supercategories and generalize. For example, when someone writes:`

Human aging: "How to reverse aging?"

- Consider if adding a more general concepts or categories, such as "Systems longevity and deterioration" wouldn't help us address the issue better?

Mosquito bites: "How to preventing mosquito bites?"

- Consider if adding a more general categories, such as "Insect bites and stings" wouldn't help us address the issue better?

Cloud engineering: "How to simplify cloud deployments?"

- Consider if adding a more general categories, such as "Software deployments" wouldn't help us address the issue better?

Avoid Writing Concrete Problems

  • Your problem:` Colgate toothbrushes wear out too fast, planned for obsolescence.
    🟢 You write:` Toothbrush wear and tear
    • Example ideas:`
      - replacable toothbursh heads
      - water-jet brush integrated with shower nozzle
  • Your problem:` How to develop COVID-19 vaccine?
    🟢 You write:` Rapid vaccine development
    • Example ideas:`
      - mRNA vaccine: use messenger RNA (mRNA) to produce an immune response
    Your problem:` How to modify DNA for my fruitfly in my experiment?
    🟢 You write:` In-vivo genome editing
    • Example ideas:`
      - Use Cas9 to recognize and cleave specific strands of DNA that are complementary to the CRISPR sequences to initiate DNA recombination of the cleaved strands

Concepts must be at least one of the two kinds:`

1. Problem — Known concept (problem domain)
  • Long-Term Fundamental (LTF) bottleneck such as cryonics, anti-gravity, interstellar-travel, etc.
  • High-Scale Recurrent (HSR) inconvenience such as mosquitoes bite, toothbrushes wear, hearts break, etc.
2. Wish — Novel concept (a spark of creativity)
  • Novel Combination of Features (NCF) as a conception such as glittery roads, colorful snowflakes, cars that walk, etc.

    (Note: If your conception also prescribes a specific novel method of realizing it, then publish it under Ideas ⇢.)


There are multiple cases, when published topic is deemed inappropriate. Mostly, those are because your topic does not qualify as Long-term Fundamental (LTF) or High-scale recurrent (HSR).

This doesn't mean that you cannot write about specific concepts or issues that you have - you just have to recognize that your problem is something that arises under certain circumstances that are not entirely uncommon, and write about it on behalf of those circumstances. For example, if you have a tooth-ache, and been thinking of new methods of treatment of dental caries, then go and describe the "dental caries" issue in general, summarize it, and describe the issue in abstract terms, give a few examples if relevant.

Avoid Circumstantial Issues

Our community seeks for ideas that are new principles rather than suggestions of course of action upon your specific problematic circumstances.

  • We are not Quora. If you have a specific life issue, go to other sites, like,, etc.
  • We are not StackOverflow. If you have a specific circumstantial issue in your speciality, go to other sites, such as,, etc. that specialize in specialist community help.
  • We are not Reddit. If you have a newsworthy link to discuss, go to,, etc.


Avoid Demands for Course of Action

Things like COVID-19, LOG4J, North Korea nuclear threat, - are specific issues, that require specific courses of action within specific timeframes, and thus, are not a very good match for Infinity. Such concepts or issues generally will get a tag [marked-for-exipry], and will be hidden after a period of time has passed, because we assume that specialized news outlets must have already covered these topics quite well and better than us.

We seek new principles for dealing with patterns rather than specific instances of patterns: pandemics in general, such as vaccine development in general, or dealing with securing of computer systems in general, such as I/O sanitation, nuclear security in general, such as psychology of regimes, and thus, are interested in the principles -- the crux of how coronaviruses work, how to secure logging libraries, how to achieve Nuclear security works, etc., and not the specific pandemic, specific virus, or specific nuclear disaster. In other words, we seek for solutions that could eradicate or alleviate a problem pattern once and for all, not just fix a specific problem.

What to expect?

If you publish a problem here, it will be public and the world will be able to find it here, as well as on the sister domains. It will become publicly available in the site language versions that you had written it in, and forwarded to subscribers.